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About Us

Seal Watch was founded by BDMLR medic and Seal Alliance member Mary Tester after a dog fatally injured a seal in Barnes. The incident garnered national interest and Seal Watch was launched in response to improve seal education, awareness and stronger legislation for the London Thames community. 


 Partnered with Seal Alliance and BDMLR, Seal Watch supports the government backed "Give Seals Space" campaign and government's Marine Wildlife Code. We are working side by side with DEFRA, local council and Parliament to ensure seal disturbance becomes a thing of the past.  It is our mission to ensure Thames seals, as well as seals across the UK, are protected and respected with the help of those who live, work and play along the Thames.

Baby Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) Relaxing on the Beach.jpg

The Thames is very much alive. It is up to us to protect its inhabitants.

Our Partners

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