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Seal Ambassador Programme

Meet Artie the seal! Artie was created for us by beach plastic artist Emily Barker. Following seal talks with children rowers at Fulham Reach Boat Club, the children used recycled materials to decorate Artie. Once completed, the seal will be part of a larger community art exhibit to share that knowledge with the general public. This is being done with multiple clubs along the river. Those who have receieved a talk become seal ambassadors who can use their new found knowledge to help protect seals everywhere. Clubs that have participated in the project are given seal rescue kits, which BDMLR medics can use to ensure faster seal rescues, when needed. Materials and the rescue kits can be costly. If you would like to help sponsor this project please hit the donate button below. 

Seal Watch Magazine

Have a look at our first edition of TSW digital magazine including an exclusive interview with Thames Tideway CEO Andy Mitchell, unreleased information about our latest dolphins, seal sighting photos and more!

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