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As seal populations and sightings in London increase, so does the need for education and awareness on how to watch seals well We will be speaking to schools, rowing clubs and other members of the public about our local seals and further connect the Thames community to its marine neighbours. 


We are working with DEFRA and local council to install permanent seal safety signs along the Thames.  This is part of the Seal Alliance  government backed "Give Seals Space" campaign aimed at minimising seal disturbance across the UK. 



Follow us on our journey to make seal disturbance illegal across the UK! Together with members of Parliament and DEFRA we are working to amend the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 making it unlawful for a person or dog, drone or vessel controlled by a person to disturb a seal. Our Seal Protection Bill was read in Parliament on February 9th and is now in the next stages of legislation. 

In April TSW is distributing seal rescue kits, donated by BDMLR, to participating riverside rowing clubs.  This will help BDMLR perform faster rescues, when necessary.

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If you a seal that is: 

  • entangled

  • injured

  • underweight

  • sick

  • a pup on its own

 please call BDMLR:

01825 765546

For deceased marine mammals

Please call CSIP

0800 652 0333


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